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Hovertechnics Inc

Hovercraft - Canhover Air Cushion Vehicles is a factory sales agent for Vanair Hovercraft and a distributor for Hovertechnics Hovercraft Inc., as well as being a support establishment for owners of Canair 500 Series Light Commercial Hovercraft.

We offer a range of recreational, utility, rescue and commercial hovercraft with seating capacities from two to twenty-five.  As part of our complete service package, we offer consulting on client needs for hovercraft, training on the complete range of craft we sell and assistance in making contact with insurance and financial specialists for leasing of the commercial, rescue and utility hovercraft for business or public safety purposes.

Contact us:
Canhover Air Cushion Vehicles Inc.
PO Box 1252
Peachland, British Columbia, Canada, V0H 1X0
Telephone: 250-448-4870

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